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Welcome to velócity's first newsletter. I will be sending it regularly, with I've seen in the mobility space and thought it was interesting. How regularly, you ask? Still debating. Feel free to spread it around. 

🛴 Micromobility (mobility options up to four wheels)

  • You cannot fine if it there is no regulation. Lime wins their case against the Valencia council. (Link in Spanish)

  • Strong growth for Cooltra, with revenues 50% up yoy up to €36m, and expects €50 in 2020. 42% of the business is generated by their motosharing division; the rest is bike rentals and last mile delivery. (Link in Spanish)

  • Is there space for a high end luxury scooter? D-Fly Group seems to think so. (Link)

  • Smart asphalt that can send signals or even switch off the engine of scooters, being developed by the University of Granada, Spain. (Link)


🚗 Mobility-as-a-Service

  • Cabify wins the profitability race, with a positve $3m in 4Q19. Good adjustment in line with the new profitability trend after the WeWork debacle. (Link)

  • Lyft is closing the daily active users gap on Uber in the US, on track to surpass them... this year? (Link)

  • An interesting way of making vehicles 'smart' from 2hire, with a plug-and-play device that can lock and unlock doors. (Link)

  • Uber stopped giving service in Colombia, due to authorities considering the ride-hailing company an illegal type of transport (Link in Spanish)

  • Choosing between mommy or daddy? Softbank is funding the three most important ride-hailing/food delivery start-ups in Latin America. (Link)

  • Mobility trends for 2020. Can't see velócity in there? (Link)


🤖 Autonomous driving

  • Nuro, a driverless delivery company, is the first company to receive a driverless exemption from the US federal government. The have raised a ton of money (almost $1bn) from Softbank. (Link)

  • In the last few years $16bn have been invested in self-driving vehicles, Waymo being the largest with $3.5bn. (Link)


🏙️ Urban mobility and design

  • There are 2 billion parking spots in the U.S. for about 200 million cars. The area of parking per car in the United States is thus larger than the area of housing per human. (Link)

  • As part of her re-election campaign, the Mayor of Paris aims to make every street in the city 100% cycle friendly, mainly by removing over 70% of the on-street parking spaces. (Link)


📖 Reports

A couple of very expensive reports published recently

  • Global Electric Scooter Rentals Market Report 2020. (Link)

  • Global Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Industry Market Research Report. (Link)

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